Personal Financial Coaching

A financial coach will help you realign your relationship with money and guide you along YOUR path from where you are now to where you want to be.

Welcome. I’m happy you’re here. Your time is valuable and unless you are my mother (hi Mom!), you’ve come to this site because you are ready to transform your relationship with money. That’s awesome!

Most people associate financial guidance with investment selection. That certainly is part of it but, in reality, it is a SMALL part of it. When you consider that 57% of people have less than $1000 in savings, some are confronting significant debt and many have no idea how they are spending their money or how to protect their family financially, there is a lot that needs to happen besides investing. That’s where I come in.

Together we can manifest your dreams


A financial coach is an educator, dreamweaver, cheerleader and accountability partner rolled into one. Working together, we figure out where you are, what you aspire to and where you want to go. Then we co-create the map to get you there avoiding potholes along the way. Money is just another form of energy and it can be harnessed to enrich your life (pun intended) with confidence, stability, and ultimately financial independence.

Do you NEED a coach? Maybe not. The information you need to restructure your financial life is available to you right now as it is to everyone. There are countless books, blogs and podcasts on the topic available at no cost. You can visit my blog if you want and join my mailing list (see below) for future updates and a free eBooklet to help you get your financial house in order.

If you find you want to shorten your journey by partnering with an experienced coach who will guide and support you, then schedule a complimentary 20 minute session and we'll see if we make a good team. I look forward to talking to you.

Clients say...

Carol has been so helpful and informative with many of my financial questions. I’ve had everything from retirement planning issues to questions about life/disability insurance and all the financials that go along with it. She’s very professional, always a timely response, and has never steered me in the wrong direction. I can’t say enough good about her!
— Melanie I.
Carol Christie has been my financial advisor for the last ten years. From the beginning she has emphasized taking a comprehensive approach to my financing. Her advice for asset allocation has been based on personal lifestyle, risk tolerance and financial needs. I greatly appreciate Carol´s carefully listening and questions in her efforts to achieve the right solutions for me.
— Jack W.